Nail Perfect VIP's

So you want to be a Nail Perfect VIP? 

You've come to the right place to find out more. As being a Nail Perfect VIP is both exciting, and beneficial to your salon. 

We have made it super easy for you to join us too.
With 4 simple criteria, all you have to do is meet these, and boom! You're in!  

1)     Like our Facebook Page
2)     Join our Facebook Group
3)     Be subscribed to our VIP Newsletter
4)     Go shopping! (Actually, you do have to spend $400 in 12 months, but that's easy right?) 

Check off that list of to-do's and we will mark your account on our system as a VIP! 
It's so easy! 

And, as a special bonus. If you hold any Nail Perfect Certificate, you are a VIP member for LIFE! That's right, no minimum spends. Just a lifetime of discounts and special treatment! 
So high five to all our wonderful students, who are VIP members.

So what do you get for being a Nail Perfect VIP do I hear you ask?
All of the good things!

But seriously, as part of our VIP member newsletter, we will be doing special notices when we have new products being launched.
So you will know, before anyone else in New Zealand, what's coming.
And along with that, you will be able to pre-order new products when we do. So when the items are landing in New Zealand and we are starting to promote them to the public - you will not only already know, but you will probably already have them in your hot little hands if you got in on the pre-order action!
You will be able to show off your fancies while everyone else is still queuing!   

 Another great part of being a VIP member, is that we will be doing special rewards draws for VIP members only. 
And you won't have to share with the public! These will just be for you, the VIP's. 
There won't be any having to like posts, or having to share things on your wall or page. And you won't even have to do anything to register. 
But each time we advertise a giveaway happening (and they might be big, or small!) you're account already has the VIP tag, so you're always in the draw already!
Just keep an eye on those emails, and watch and cross fingers and toes, for your name to be drawn.  

Last, but not least, there are the discounts! 
You get discounts, all the time! 
Being a VIP, we want to give you prices that the general public don't get. And we want to thank you for your custom. 
So a few tricks, you MUST log into the website as soon as you visit. This is something people get a little confused about. Click the little 'log in' button on the top right. 
Then when you add any product that's tagged with a VIP discount to your cart, the cart will calculate your discount magically for you! 
You see, once you are logged in, the website knows you are special and while you won't see changes to the listed product prices, your cart will tell you exactly how much you have saved.
You will be able to see which products are discounted by the hot pink banner that tells you on the product and collection pages - and the banner only shows to logged in VIP's. 
It's really cool, and we will be adding new products to the VIP discount section all the time, so watch the emails to see what has been added. 
Our plan is to help you make your life easier, by discounting the things that are most useful to you. So we are slowly working up our list of useful items, going by what people are buying most.  

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    *Some Terms and Conditions apply.
    Staff, their families and past staff of Nail Perfect NZ do not qualify for VIP status.
    VIP status is at the discretion of Nail Perfect New Zealand.
    VIP discounts may not be used in conjunction with any other offer, special, discount code or bonus deal.
    VIP's of Nail Perfect NZ must retain an annual spend of $400 to remain an active VIP.